Ceferin: "Justice is sometimes slow, but it always comes"

Ceferin: "Justice is sometimes slow, but it always comes"

The UEFA president once again lashes out at the SuperLeague, comparing Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus to "little kids"


Aleksander Ceferin. (REUTERS)

The president of European football's governing body has again used an interview in Italy to attack Juventus, Barcelona and Real Madrid despite UEFA's Appeals Committee suspending proceedings against the three Super League teams.

Speaking to 'Rai Sport', Aleksander Ceferin clarified that "justice is sometimes slow, but it always comes. The way I see it, the suspension is not definitive, we will resolve the case in court.

"The three clubs look like children who don't go to school for a while, they don't invite them to parties and then they try to get in with the police," the commissioner took the opportunity to sentence with derision.

On the imminent EURO 2020, Ceferin assured that "football gives people hope, we are very eager to start and it was right to do it in Rome".

However, he did not miss the opportunity to send a dart at Platini, who came up with the idea of this new format that will be played across the continent, saying that he does not agree with this formula and does not believe it will be used again.